Gave a classroom talk to young girls of Girls on The Run non-profit about how to push yourself mentally through what your body is doing physically. Then we did a practice run for their 5K together.

Girls on the Run DC - Since 2018

Continuing supporter of Girls on the Run. Began hosting events in 2018 with a classroom talk to young girls about how to mentally push through physical challenges, finishing with a practice run. Provide continued to support the organization through events and charity rides.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - May 2018

Spoke on a panel at the United States Chamber of Commerce centered on Innovations in the Workplace and Community Wellness.

Pandora Jewelry - January 2018

Invited to host motivational talks at the Pandora Headquarters.


Unhesitant - April 2019

Joined Kara Lennon in Episode 47 of the Unhesitant Podcast, discussing releasing hesitation and becoming who you are.

Use Your Voice - October 2018

Joined Taye Landry in Episode 11 of the Use Your Voice Podcast, discussing values and persistence in the pursuit of goals.

Sassy and Uncalled For - August 2018

Joined Stephanie Haney and Chelsea Earlewine in Episode 20 of the Sassy and Uncalled For Podcast, discussing work-life balance.



The Georgetowner - June 2017

Featured as part of a summer fashion shoot in The Georgetowner.

Washingtonian - January 2017

Contributed to a Washingtonian article about fitting workouts into chaotic schedules.


Active Life DC - February 2017

Interviewed as a featured instructor of Active Life DC, giving pointers on how to get the most out of a cycling class.